Blandy’s 5 Year Old Madeira Mini Gift Pack 4 X 50ml

Blandy's 5 Year Old Madeira Mini Gift Pack 4 X 50ml

There is no better introduction to the wines of Madeira than this Gift Pack. Contained within you’ll discover nutty and complex 50ml bottles in four different styles exploring the four noble grape varieties of the island: Blandy’s 5 Year Old Sercial – Dry and woody with citrusy notes. Wonderful as an aperitif, or served with roasted fish or mild curries. Blandy’s 5 Year Old Verdelho – Medium dry with dried fruit and sophisticated spice. An excellent partner to winter soups, game and pté. Blandy’s 5 Year Old Bual – Medium rich with toffee and mince pie flavours. Think chocolate dessert, mince pies and hard cheeses. Blandy’s 5 Year Old Malmsey – Rich and sweet with caramel, vanilla and Christmas cake fruit. We adore this with Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, rich fruit cakes, brownies and stinky cheeses. Madeira is one of the most fascinating and underestimated wines on the planet. A visit to this tiny Portuguese island – closer to Morocco than Europe – reveals a dizzying array of styles, a quite frankly crazy history, and feats of engineering that make the mind boggle. The Blandy family arrived in 1808 and are the only one of the original founders of the Madeira wine trade that’s still active. Now in the hands of the 6th and 7th generation of the family and with over two centuries of experience, Blandy’s is a highly respected source of premium quality Madeira.£6.25 per 100.00ml

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