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Acury MYE 95

Price £: 169,000,000 GBP
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General description Accommodation Owners and Guests 12 (max 24 when not operating commercially) Crew 28 to 36 Passenger capacity pending final arrangement Naval Architecture: Van Oossanen Exterior designer: Motion Code Blue Interior arrangement: Icon Yacht and Clients Choice Interior designer: Clients Choice Amenities: The aft beach club area stretches over three levels and features a very large swimming pool with waterfall and vertical garden as well as a giant ring shaped video wall. A raised “spine” shaped balcony connects the aft beach house with the upper deck spa area and a fully certified heli pad from the lifting pool base. Once the stern hatches are open, a ‘seafront promenade’ style walkway is created in the shape of a U and provides walk around access at sea level. A wide sea walkway links the lower deck to the main deck, observatory and crows nest. The carefully studied hull shape provides robust seaworthiness, derived directly from modern ocean going ships. AMENITIES Cinema, Large Beach area Fitness Centre, Beauty Salon Sauna, Hammam Infirmary Bathroom, Rain Shower THE BEACH CLUB The aft area was conceived to cater equally for a relaxed daytime beach atmosphere as well as the ultimate party platform at night. Waterfalls and a giant cylindrical projection screen create stunning looks at any anchorage and when moored in exciting ports from Monaco to Miami or Johannesburg. The automatic sunshades on the pool increase the usable exterior area during hot days and provide an airy lounging area when a cool breeze gently sweeps in from the sea. We even are able to support and assist You to finance Your ideas and special dream project . ACURY TEAM

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